Navaratri festival is celebrated every year. During the festival different religious, social and cultural activities are observed. Programs like Shrisukt / Atharvashirsh etc. are taken from the last 20 years in the Navaratri festival to create a passion for religious and cultural interest in school students. During this time, 15,000 school students gather to chant the Shrisukt / Atharvashirsh at the Mandir .The Mandir distributes gifts (school material) and Prasad to students. Every year, the inauguration of the electric lighting is inaugurated by a special guest invited by the temple trustees. Kanya Pooja:- Every year the special Kanya Poojan is worshipped in the Navratri and they are offered, in the form of Prasad, useful school going materials.

Navratri Events

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Shrisukta Abhishek

Shri Sukta Abhishek are the rituals in which Godess Laxmi & Ganesh are worshiped with vedic mantras (ganpati atharvashirsha & shri suktam). The godess is served with sixteen upacharas - panchamuratas, kumkum, fruits, dhoop etc. After that devotees are given prasad & a picture of Mahalaxmi Mata in the form of Prasad. This is the form of seva under which we serve the godess during the auspicious nine days of Navratri.

Havan Booking

Its a religious Hindu ritual and a form of sacrifice performed during Navratri. As per the Hindu belief the Ved mantras are nurtured. The godess is served in the form of “yadnya” and various types of poojas are offered like Avahanam, Abhishekam, Archanam. The things which we want to offer at her feet are given to the enlighted fire, the “yadnya”. It is believed that those things were directly accepted by the divine universal energy as those are put in the Yadnya / Havan. In the havan we offer elements which also serve in clearing the atmosphere, there by bringing positive energy in us, and making a connection with the cosmic energy.

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Prasad Booking

In Navratri Puja, fasts and celebration are incomplete without offering Prasad. All ten days we offer bundi Prasad to all devotees visiting to temple. We also offer Prasad like dry fruits / Sweets / fruits. Devotes can contribute by bringing the actual Prasad or giving donation for the prasadam.

Aarti Booking

Daily aarti offers to three idols at evening 7:15 p.m. In which the devotes directly get connected to all three mataji. The devotes can take part in these aarti by confirming there bookings in which they get opportunity to perform the aarti.

Navratri Gallery